Ace It with Rocket League Sideswipe Season 13!

2024-01-01 | Psyonix Team


Start revving your engines because Sideswipe Season 13 just landed! Serving its way back into Ranked playlists is Volleyball, which joins the regular Solo Duel and Doubles. Attack the ranks to ensure you don’t miss out on Season 13’s Season Rewards!


Get Ready for Liftoff: Ranked Volleyball is Back

Forget going for the goal—Volleyball is all about gaining some serious airtime. Get up high, then smash the ball down over the net onto your opponents’ side of the floor to score! But remember teamwork makes the dream work: you’ll need to car-operate with your partner in this 2v2 playlist to bump your shots and protect your own side of the Arena. 



Sideswipe and Rocket League - Bonus XP Reminder

As a reminder, if you’re playing Rocket League Sideswipe with the same Epic account you use to play Rocket League, you can earn bonuses in both games! 

Every time you level up in Sideswipe, you'll earn a Bonus Win in Rocket League. Then, once you win an Online Match in Rocket League, you'll get extra XP for that Bonus Win. Likewise, every time you level up in Rocket League, you’ll earn a Bonus Win in Sideswipe. Once you win an Online Match in Sideswipe, you’ll get extra XP for the Bonus Win. 

For more info, check out our help article: How Does Bonus XP Work Between Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe?


Get those power shots ready—Season 13 is live now ‘til February 26!