Rocket League Sideswipe Locks Onto Season 10

2023-07-17 | Scout Seshimo


Get ready for double digits ‘cause Season 10 just landed! Home in on Ranked Heatseeker, check out a refreshed Item Shop, and preview the Season 10 Rewards


Ranked Heatseeker 

Ever felt like the Rocket Ball has a mind of its own? Well in Heatseeker, it does! This chaotic Ranked Mode does things a little differently with a ball that homes in on your opponent's goal when you touch it. Even the slightest tap will send it rocketing across the Arena. Be careful though—if the ball hits the backboard around your opponent's goal, it will rebound towards your goal instead! 

This mode is all about learning when to get sweaty, and when to pause for a second and let the ball do its own thing. Luckily, you’ll have all Season to come up with game-winning strategies. 


Item Shop

If you’ve been trying to finish up your Collections Tab, you’re in luck! There are three painted cars waiting for you in the Item Shop. 

First up is a total classic for tuner fans, the JDM-inspired Titanium White Nemesis. You can also grab a Pink Maverick for your Garage or pick up the boxy Orange Merc. Of course, if you're already covered on cars, you'll be able to get a Neon Mantis Player Banner or Cyber Egg Avatar as well.



Show Off Your Skills

Did you really rank up if you can’t flaunt it a little? Carve your name into history and earn this Season’s Player Banners! As always, these items will be awarded at the end of the Season based on your peak rank, and will only be available in Season 10. So get playing, rank up, and make your mark.

Ready to play? Season 10 begins now!