Rocket League Sideswipe Slides Into Season 7

2023-01-20 | Scout Seshimo


Lucky Number 7…

With a new Season on the horizon, Rocket League Sideswipe is revving up for some exciting new ways to fill your Garage! Check out new Items, the return of Ranked 3v3, and a first look at the future of Rocket Pass in Sideswipe. Season 7 begins on January 25!

A New Way to Level Up

From cyberpunk cars to your very own adventuring party, each Season’s Rocket Pass has brought dozens of Items into the game. Now, it’s time for Rocket League Sideswipe’s Rocket Pass to shift into high gear. 

Starting in Season 7, Rocket Pass progression will no longer reset between Seasons. Instead, Rocket Pass will be a permanent way to track your progress while earning Items. We’ll be sharing the full details in another blog next week!

Rocket Pass won’t be the only way to get Items, though. In the first week of Season 7, the Item Shop will see a total restock. Sparkle and shine with the Sky Blue Quartz Goal Explosion, or  grab the Orange Halo Topper if you’ve been on good behavior. Prefer a simpler look? The MG-88 Octane Decal has the clean body lines you’ve been searching for.


Changes to Ranked Seasons

As always, Season 7 gives you a chance to face off against other players, raise your Rank, and earn Season Rewards. But that’s not all—we’re also making several changes to help refuel your competitive spirit for Season 7!

Seasons will be slightly shorter, now lasting eight weeks each. To help players keep up with these more frequent changes, we will slightly soften the rank resets at the beginning of each Season. Ranks will reset to the first tier of whatever Rank you reach at the end of the previous Season. For instance, if you end the Season at Diamond III, you’ll be able to start the next season at Diamond I. Unlike Season Rewards, your peak Rank will NOT affect your rank reset, so keep pushing all the way to the end!


Ranked 3v3 Returns

Season 7 takes things back to the blueprint—six players, two teams, and flying rocket-powered cars! Each Ranked 3v3 match will take place in the appropriately named Longfield Arena to accommodate the larger teams. Create new strats to cover the distance while putting your teamwork to the ultimate test!


Get your 3s team together—Season 7 starts January 25! Don’t forget to look out for a follow-up blog next week with an in-depth look at the changes coming to Rocket Pass.