Sideswipe Patch Notes: Hotfix

2022-04-18 | Laudie Gonzalez


Version: Rocket League Sideswipe v1.3.1

Platforms: Android, iOS, EGA

Scheduled Release: 4/18/22 



  • Controller 

    • [Android] DualSense controller buttons should now be mapped properly on Android

  • Garage

    • Can no longer select black as an away team primary color

      • Investigating ways to allow for black/white car colors in a future patch
  • Quickchat

    • Resolved Quickchat being blocked by other UI elements

  • Accessibility 

    • [Android] Enable Force Feedback and Force Feedback on Kickoff options should once again function on Android

  • Incorrect number of banners shown in match intro sequence 

  • Reconnection issues affecting some devices

  • General Game Crashes