Sideswipe Patch Notes S4

2022-07-05 | Laudie Gonzalez


Version: Rocket League Sideswipe v1.4

Platforms: Android, iOS, EGA



  • Season 4 Rocket Pass is here! What Rank will you roll? 

    • Season 4 includes magical new free content and Season Rewards to unlock. How will your party fair this Season?

  • New Mode 

    • Mutator Madness! - Try out insane new Arena, Mode, and Mutator combinations in this Casual Playlist! At the end of each match you’ll get to vote on your favorites and the weekly winner will then be playable through the weekend with a double XP boost! Make sure to vote—the possibilities are endless! 

  • Mutators

    • You can enjoy Mutators not only in Mutator Madness but in Exhibition Mode and Private Matches as well! What combinations will you create?

  • New Arena 

    • Eggscalibur - Adventure awaits in this gorgeous new Arena.

  • Season 3 Rewards 

    • Players will unlock an Avatar Reward and Title based on the highest Competitive Rank they reached in Season 3. What Rank did you achieve?

  • Calculated Crossover Event!

    • Complete Crossover Event Challenges to unlock the Calculated Goal Explosion for use in both Sideswipe and Rocket League. You’ll also earn the Calculated Avatar exclusive to Sideswipe! Will you claim this loot?

  • Daily Challenges

    • You wanted dailies, you got it! Check back every day for something new to complete and enjoy the daily SP boost, Adventurer!



  • Hoops

    • The return of this action-packed 2v2 Competitive Mode, Swish!

  • Mystery Item Refresh

    • We heard you wanted new Mystery Items so… the Mystery Item Cache has been refreshed to include all new drops to collect!

  • Mode Selection Update

    • Enjoy an all-new look to the Mode selection screen! So Fresh.

  • Party

    • UI Updates


  • iOS Home Screen Swipe

    • Resolved a bug where players were able to easily swipe up during a Sideswipe match and access the app changer on iOS

  • Miscellaneous art polish on some in game items

  • Addressed issues with some devices crashing