Sideswipe Patch Notes S6

2022-11-14 | Laudie Gonzalez


Version: Rocket League Sideswipe v1.6

Platforms: Android, iOS, EGA

Scheduled Release: 11/14/2022 



  • Season 6 Rocket Pass Content

    • Season 6 includes some of our Sideswipe Team’s favorite content, be sure to check it out.

  • Season 5 Rewards

    • Players will unlock Player Banners and Titles based on the highest Competitive Rank they reached in Season 5. What was your highest rank? 

  • Car Collision Mutator

    • We’re happy to announce you can keep the smashing good times going - Car Collision Mutator is here to stay! Use this to your advantage and bump your opponents (and teammates) around in Heatseeker, Mutator Madness, and Private Matches.

  • Heatseeker

    • Bring the heat in Sideswipe’s fast-paced competitive playlist featuring mayhem and Car Collisions, Ka-Chow!

  • Player Reporting

    • A player reporting and blocking feature has been added. Go to your recent players and block or report any bad actors you’ve run into.



  • Party and Friends List

    • UI Polish

  • Miscellaneous art polish on some in-game Items



  • Fixed a visual glitch with wheels clipping through car bodies

  • UI - including some localized text positioning

  • Masamune and Chikara G1 car bodies no longer “float” in the Garage