Sideswipe Patch Notes S7

2023-01-25 | Laudie Gonzalez


Version: Rocket League Sideswipe v1.7
Platforms: Android, iOS, EGA
Season & New Content Live: 1/30/2023

Full Details Here: !


  • Collection Tab

    • A new way to show off the Items in your inventory and unlock special rewards for collecting them all!

  • Party Up Button

    • At the end of the match, players now have the option to quickly offer to party up with their teammate and secure more wins!

  • Mutator 

    • Goaltend

      • As seen in Heatseeker, players can now enable or disable the Goaltend Mutator in Private and Exhibition modes, which activates when sitting in goal. Disable Boost Regen, Disable Jump Regen, or Disable Both!

  • Advanced Tutorials

    • Having trouble hitting that shot? Be sure to check out these tutorials to level up your techniques. 

  • Currency

    • Tokens

      • New currency that can be earned by leveling up in Rocket Pass and completing Weekly Challenges. 

  • Token Shop Tab

    • Had your eye on some sweet items from a previous Season you missed? The new Token Shop is your chance to get Items from previous Sideswipe Seasons! 

  • Ranked Rewards 

    • Players will unlock an Item and Title based on their peak Rank reached.



  • Updated Rocket Pass 

    • To learn about Rocket Pass's new look, Presents, and Badge Borders, check out our Blog for full details!

  • Ranked Seasons

    • As new Seasons roll over, the Ranked Playlist Mode will rotate in and out at the start of each Ranked Season. What playlist will this season be?


  • Localization Text in Various Languages

  • Devices Crashing when Sorting a Large Garage

  • Miscellaneous art polish on some in-game Items