Decal Derby Returns Alongside Season 6 Rewards

Decal Derby Returns Alongside Season 6 Rewards Image

Decal Derby is back and better than ever! Starting January 11, a fresh mix of Decals will rush into the Item Shop. You’ll earn even more Decals as you wrestle with our newest batch of Decal Derby Challenges. Of course, you’ll still need a car to show off your new look. Alongside this Decal extravaganza comes the return of Dominus

Decal Derby Item Shop - Week 1

  • Dominus - Car

  • Edgewise - Octane Decal

  • Athena - Merc Decal

  • Big Buck - Marauder Decal

  • MIRV - Aftershock Decal

  • Arrowhead - Mantis Decal

  • Anticlipse - Werewolf Decal

Decal Derby Challenge Rewards - Week 1

  • Afterlife - Dominus Decal

  • Ombre - Dominus Decal

  • Stripes - Merc Decal

  • Narwhal - Merc Decal

  • Thanatos - Octane Decal

  • Ombre - Breakout Decal


Week 2

Still searching for your perfect preset? Worry not, ‘cause next week we’re doing it all over again! Six more Decals in the Item Shop, six more Decal Derby Challenges, and a Garage absolutely overflowing with possibilities. Week 2 of Decal Derby starts January 18.

Decal Derby Item Shop - Week 2

  • Merc - Car

  • Lightning - Merc Decal

  • Falchion - Breakout Decal

  • Rico - Diestro Decal

  • Lighting - Merc Decal

  • Stripes - Mantis Decal

  • Reiko - Takumi Decal

Decal Derby Challenge Rewards - Week 2

  • Abtruse - Octane Decal

  • Seismic - Aftershock Decal

  • Whizzle - Takumi Decal

  • Infernal - Diestro Decal

  • AWD - Twinzer Decal

  • Smored - Breakout - S Decal



Season 6 Rewards

You know the drill, it’s time for Season Rewards!  In addition to the usual Player Titles, this Season you’ll get a season-exclusive Avatar based on your peak rank during Season 6. From now on, your opponent will see the face of a champion every time you score.

Rewards may take a short time to appear in your Garage following the end of Season 6.


Decal Derby starts today and continues until Season 6 ends on January 25.

How would you like to play?