Patch Notes

  • Sideswipe Patch Notes: Hotfix

    April 18 2022


    Version: Rocket League Sideswipe v1.3.1

    Platforms: Android, iOS, EGA

    Scheduled Release: 4/18/22 



    • Controller 

      • [Android] DualSense controller buttons should now be mapped properly on Android

    • Garage

      • Can no longer select black as an away team primary color

        • Investigating ways to allow for black/white car colors in a future patch
    • Quickchat

      • Resolved Quickchat being blocked by other UI elements

    • Accessibility 

      • [Android] Enable Force Feedback and Force Feedback on Kickoff options should once again function on Android

    • Incorrect number of banners shown in match intro sequence 

    • Reconnection issues affecting some devices

    • General Game Crashes

  • Sideswipe Patch Notes S3

    April 6 2022


    Version: Rocket League Sideswipe v1.3

    Platforms: Android, iOS, EGA

    Scheduled Release: 4/6/22 



    • Season 3 Rocket Pass is here, what rank will you power through? 

      • Season 3 includes all new free content and Season Rewards to unlock. You don’t want to miss this intense Season!

    • New Limited Time Mode: 

      • Threes - You heard that right, by the power of three, you and two friends can now team up and take on the competitive competition! How will you fare in this power packed mode?

      • New Arena: Longfield

    • Spectator Mode!

      • You can do what?! Prove it! Now you can private party up with friends, and select a spectator. Show off your skills, stalls and power shots with new friends and old.

    • Season 2 Rewards: 

      • Players will unlock a Reward Banner and Title based on the highest Competitive Rank they reached in Season 2. What Rank did you achieve?

    • Offscreen Indicators:

      • Easily view the position of other players or the ball when offscreen

      • Players can edit off screen indicator settings in the options menu to their liking 

    • New Camera Zoom Method in Game Settings:

      • Focused method to keep player car always visible

      • Zoomed out method that shows all of the match action on screen

    • New Match Intro Sequence



    • Post Match Celebration:

      • Players can now access the pause menu during the winners celebration dance, to let you requeue faster! 

    • News and Updates Panel:

      • New Social Buttons! Join us on Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Instagram, don’t miss out on your opportunity to be featured in Play of the Week! #RLSPOTW

    • Challenges:

      • New Challenge stages added, players can now complete up to 4 new stages of Challenges throughout the Season. Can you complete them all?

      • Challenges now show up in the Post Match screen

    • Quick Chat Feed:

      • Taller Quick Chat feed, you can now see 4 Quick Chats instead of 3. GLHF!

    • Party:

      • UI Updates

      • New camera/car orientation for party members. Squad up!

    • Air Roll:

      • Ability to disable or enable Air Roll

    • Restructured Options Menu:

      • Edit Quick Chat, Avatar, Banner, and Title settings more quickly here

    • Item Shop:

      • First Time Purchase Verification Modal

        • Players will now receive a verification pop-up when purchasing items in the shop



    • iOS Controller Support:

      • Resolved a bug that would register the last button pressed as stuck. 

      • Corrected multiple input spam

    • Touch Controls:

      • Static joystick option is added

        • No more slip of the thumbs during intense gameplay! You can now lock it in your desired location.

      • Joystick Settings now located in the Control Customization Submenu

    • Main Menu:

      • Adjusted the bottom row of buttons to resolve issues with overlapping on certain screens.

      • General clean up to button and font sizes

    • Addressed issues with some devices running hot

  • Sideswipe Patch Notes S2

    February 2 2022


    Version: Rocket League Sideswipe v1.1

    Platforms: Android, iOS, EGA

    Scheduled Release: 2/2/22


    • Season 2 Rocket Pass is here with all new free content and Season Rewards to unlock, you don’t want to miss it!

    • Casual Playlists (February 1 2022 - 4 p.m. PST (12 a.m. UTC)): You heard that right, in this all new Casual Playlist team up with your friends, no matter their rank, and enjoy Casual Duels and Doubles! Earn XP, complete challenges, and play with friends without worrying about affecting your rank. HAVE FUN, Go Wild, Perfect those Shots!

    • New Limited Time Mode: Did someone say Volleyball? Spike, bump and serve up some fun in this new mode! All players will start at Bronze, so enjoy climbing the ranks in this new competitive mode before the Season ends.

      • All New Arena - Rally Courts

      • Brand New Ball - Volleyball

    • Season 2 Challenges, new challenges for our new Season - can you complete them all?

    • Season 1 Rewards: Players will unlock a Reward Title and Sticker based on the highest Competitive Rank they reached in Season 1.



    • Audio Polish

    • UI Improvements

      • Duplicate Purchase Modal, if you own an item and try to buy it again, a warning will appear

      • Arabic Localization now properly shows the scoreboard


    • Hoops Limited Time Mode Replaced with Volleyball in Competitive Playlist

    • Accessibility Options

      • Dodge Indicator in Boost Meter

      • Vibration on Kickoff

      • Single Press Air Turns

    • Quick Chat Muting

      • Quick Chat Muting is now a setting that persist across matches

      • Quick Chat can still be quickly toggled on/off if desired

    • Preview Present Contents
      • You can now view a list of potential rewards from Presents inside of the Rocket Pass

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